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"I appreciate that they hold in a workable balance the trade-offs between stakeholder expectations and practicality of implementation (whether that be cost, timeframe, or the capacity of respondents to participate effectively in a particular research design). It certainly doesn't hurt that they are an affable, cordial bunch of professionals. ProductRx's level of service and professionalism was outstanding" - Kevin Hanstad Director


It’s Not What You Do, It’s Why You Do It
– Simon Sinek, Start With Why

ProductRx is first about people and then about products and services.  Deep interest in the various belief systems, living conditions, changing circumstances and thereby attitudes towards products, services and brands is what keeps us interested in Market Research.

Innovation starts with a deep empathy for the pains and difficulties people face in their daily lives.  Even those pains and difficulties that people have learned to live with to the extent that they have become desensitized to the existence of these problems.  This is because a pain is expressed only where there is a hope for a remedy.  We help bridge the gap between innovators who have the technology, and consumers who might benefit from these innovations – via our Innovation Consultancy.

We are take pride in our technology savvy.  It begins from developing a deep understanding of the technologies underlying the products and services our clients offer.  We use Technology Solutions to help our clients better communicate their value propositions.  These solution may take the form of mobile apps, websites, or other means required to meet our clients objectives.

Retail Scorecards is an online business intelligence solution for Sales and Marketing.   Developed in house, this solution is designed to enable our clients stay on top of their retail presence.  This tool has been deployed for three of our corporate clients in areas including – Brand compliance, SOP Compliance and Market Mapping.  Here are the key features of this solution:

  • Business performance can be analyzed from store level all the way up to regional or national level
  • A store directory takes you to individual stores presenting complete store level details including photos, key contacts, and other figures.
  • Works equally well on mobile.  Makes a great companion during store visits.


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