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"I appreciate that they hold in a workable balance the trade-offs between stakeholder expectations and practicality of implementation (whether that be cost, timeframe, or the capacity of respondents to participate effectively in a particular research design). It certainly doesn't hurt that they are an affable, cordial bunch of professionals. ProductRx's level of service and professionalism was outstanding" - Kevin Hanstad Director

Journey of an idea


An idea is like a boat in the middle of an ocean. The boatman must steer it to the island that’s most likely to harbor it.

The Lonely Boatman

Imagine you are in the middle of an ocean with your boat and the crew.  The map tells you there are a few islands of different sizes in different directions.  Some big and some small.  Some close by and some farther away.  Depending on which island you choose to target you need to make different decisions – sail up, sail down, go aggressive or mind the current, and so on.

Life of a startup founder is a lot like that.

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