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"I appreciate that they hold in a workable balance the trade-offs between stakeholder expectations and practicality of implementation (whether that be cost, timeframe, or the capacity of respondents to participate effectively in a particular research design). It certainly doesn't hurt that they are an affable, cordial bunch of professionals. ProductRx's level of service and professionalism was outstanding" - Kevin Hanstad Director

Working @ ProductRx

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Have you ever come across a new product or a service and wondered why it was not already there before?  Like a mobile phone, like broadband internet, or now maybe like WhatsApp.

At ProductRx we have identified one such opportunity.  A mobile experience that will beg the question – why has no one already done this?

Timing is everything when it comes to introducing new concepts.  And the time has come for our mobile experience idea.  We need smart engineers who can work tirelessly to make it come true.  Calling Android/iOS developers, Web Developers (PHP experts), and above all people passionate about coding.  Join us in building this new mobile experience.

Working for a Start-up

Extremely focused, brimming with passion for our work – working for a start-up is a lifestyle choice.  We do not spend weeks waiting for approvals.  We do not spend endless hours in bureaucratic mess.  Decisions are made instantly, action is expected constantly.

The breadth and depth of work experience is far greater than you can expect at any big company.  Your identity will not be limited to the functions you code.  You will identify yourself with the entire product and the millions of users you will develop it for.

Work Environment

0% Politics. 100% Performance.  You take care of the work, and we will take care of you.  As we build the team, we will together build the work environment that suits us best.  It’s really our chance to build a world class company together.

You wish to pursue a hobby or learn a new language? You will be able to do so.  We will figure out the best way to strike a work life balance for each of us.

Rewards & Remuneration

Remuneration will be compatible with the skills and value you bring.  We are working to build a company for the future, so all must take a long view.  We stay together, grow together, and reap mega rewards in the long run.


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