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"I appreciate that they hold in a workable balance the trade-offs between stakeholder expectations and practicality of implementation (whether that be cost, timeframe, or the capacity of respondents to participate effectively in a particular research design). It certainly doesn't hurt that they are an affable, cordial bunch of professionals. ProductRx's level of service and professionalism was outstanding" - Kevin Hanstad Director


Established in 2011, ProductRx aims to improve the ease of doing business for growing companies by making data analytics easy and accessible to all.


Every customer engagement is a new mission to us.  Goal of each mission is to enable our client to achieve observable improvement in ease of doing business that can be attributed to our solutions and services.

We will measure our success by the impact our solutions and services make to our clients.  We will not measure our success by the number of installations we make, or the amount of billing we achieve.


ProductRx will work to establish itself as an employer of choice for technology professionals around the globe.

We are an employee first company.  Every employee of ProductRx needs to feel a sense of growth and achievement.  We will push ourselves to discover our true capabilities, and continue to extend those.

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