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"I appreciate that they hold in a workable balance the trade-offs between stakeholder expectations and practicality of implementation (whether that be cost, timeframe, or the capacity of respondents to participate effectively in a particular research design). It certainly doesn't hurt that they are an affable, cordial bunch of professionals. ProductRx's level of service and professionalism was outstanding" - Kevin Hanstad Director


  • A market research & consulting company with a Tech DNA.
  • We take pride in developing detailed technical understanding of the products we work on.
  • Daikin Air Conditioning, Kohler Bath & Kitchen, Spice Retail and Liberty Shoes are among our esteemed customers.
  • We offer consulting in Product Innovation, Go-to-market strategy and Channel Management.
  • We also develop technology solutions that aid in the above activities. Examples are – Mobile/Web Apps, Data Analytics, Interactive Kiosks
  • Our domain expertise are in Telecommunications, Air-conditioning and Retail.


To make market research more Credible, Useful, and Accessible.


Credibility of research and conclusions drawn is directly dependent on the quality of data and insights collected.  We will ensure highest quality of data every time by tightly controlling the quality of respondents and following an evidence based approach.


We will be always mindful of the goals our customers seek to achieve with the work assigned to us.  We will be sensitive to changes in goals our customers have, thereby ensuring that what we do stays relevant and current.


Ease of access and reference to the reports and associated data, media, and evidences is as critical as the research output itself.  Therefore, we will ensure that all the data, and reports are made available to our clients in formats most suitable for their situation. Investments will be made to build the required IT infrastructure to do so.


ProductRx was founded in 2011 by a pair of Product Managers with experience in launching complex Products & Services in Domains as diverse as Telecommunications, Healthcare and Social Networking.

As a result, everything we do takes the holistic viewpoint of a Product Manager bringing together insights from technology, consumer, business processes and sales channels.

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