ProductRx is a Market Research & Consulting Company with a Tech DNA. Air Conditioning, Retail and Telecommunications are among areas of Rich Domain Expertise for ProductRx. We have executed dozens of Research Projects in the Area of Commercial & Residential Air-conditioning. Research Techniques Deployed - Photo Surveys, Store Audits, Consumer Surveys, Depth Interviews, Focus Groups, Etc. Retail Scorecards is a Retail Performance Assessment Solution Based on Photo Surveys of Retail Outlets. Daikin Airconditioning, Spice Retail, Kohler Bath & Kitchen are among our esteemed clients.
ProductRx was tasked with identifying requirements for such a product that would appeal to the masses, proving its superiority over the dominant brands in the space.  Specifically, detailed recommendations were sought in the areas of product aesthetics, design, features and price.more

Better Market Research

We seek to make Market Research more reliable, useful and accessible. Here are some ways in which we are different.

Domain Knowledge - Detailed understanding of the product, consumers and sales process precedes our research work. As a result, our research assignments produce a large amount of supplementary insights and material which we are happy to share with our clients.

Evidence Based - Quality of research output is as good as the collected data. Evidence based approach means we try and back up most of our data with evidence such as photos, audio-recordings, cross references, etc.

Tech DNA - All reports, data, photos, recordings, etc are made available online via secure access. Trending reports such as price comparisons, consumer satisfaction, etc can be viewed online even from a mobile phone.